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Shonen Ai and Shoujo Ai of FMA
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Welcome to FMA_Ai, the community for fans who want their slash without all that pesky porn getting in the way. As the double meaning of the community name implies, this is a community to support various works of Shonen-Ai (Gay) or Shoujo-Ai (Lesbian) relationships in fanworks, as well as providing a kind and safe community for the fans. Having had trouble arise from other communities which permit fanworks of all ratings, with issues of legality and of underaged individuals come upon NC-17 material, this comm was founded as a lighter alternative, with all fans in mind. Rather than focusing on exclusivity, we encourage fans of all ages and ships to join. Whether underaged fans seeking age appropriate material out of necessity, or average fans who wish to find more fics that focus on fluff or relationship and character development than hardcore sex, all are welcomed here and encouraged to participate.

This being said there are some rules that need to be established.

For one- As a general rule, content of fanfiction, fan art and discussions should fall between G and PG-13. This dosen't mean the rules are ironclad strict. Light R for violence or language is also permissible, and this does not mean that the subject of sex is a big no-no all around. Treating mature subjects fairly and tastefully are encouraged; the focus of this community is not about being prudish.
All large images and fanfiction must be placed under a cut. The code is like so (without the spaces):
< lj-cut text="the words you want the cut to say" > the content of the entry < /lj-cut >

Just because this is a predominantly G-PG-13 comm which is affiliated with Fma_Fluff, this does not mean that we are necessarily a fluff oriented community. Material does not need to be light cute and pointless romance. In fact, the more variety, the merrier. All genres are encouraged, from angst, to plot fics; long sagas or short drabbles and poety. It may focus on a blatant coupling or may develop on an ambiguous relationship between characters borderlining gen. While tolerance will be practiced, however, we would like to declare, just as a rule of thumb, that because this was made predominantly as an alternative to Yaoi and Yuri (Whose names alone imply explicit content), the works should focus on those themes. Heterosexual relatioships aren't forbidden, but would be better placed in the more widely accomodating FMA_Het and FMA_Fluff.
No harassment, trolling, flame wars, or bashing others for their preferred pairing. Debates are just fine, but let's keep this a respectful community, and show some maturity.
Speak properly. More as a rule to keep people sane than anything else; Webspeak/chatspeak/1337 should be kept to a minimum.

You May-
Post fanfiction of your own. If it is a reccomend of another artist, then it must only be linked, and stated as such.
Post fanart/doujinshi of your own.
Post icons related to the community.
Post links to comm related articles.
Post links to your own AMVs, or those of others with the permission of the maker.
Begin discussions and debates so long as they fall within reasonably appropriate subject matter.

You May Not-
Steal fanfiction of other writers.
Post other artists' art without credit or permission. (Same goes for all manner of fan works)
Troll, harass, or intentionally try to start wank.

And remember, this is a democracy. If there is a serious issue that needs to be adressed, the mods are your friends.