Vincent (lecielsama) wrote in fma_ai,

Hello, name's Vincent. I just woke up from a fucking weird dream. I was Roy in a locker room with various people and also other random statealchemists. [Not to mention Cloud in a dress made of plastic, wtf.] Anyway. I, Roy, was trying to hide in a sealed changing room that only had a drape and this little dipshit of a boy was trying to take photos because I was acting really suspicious. so there I were...desperatly trying to put on a bra. ... .. ... And my cat came and save me by clawing the by half to death, grabbing him in his jaws and fleeing up into the vent.

I have issues.

Anyway. Thought you might be able to use that. Roy wearing a bra under all that gear...mmm.

I'm not a LJ expert so I have no idea how to link and shit. But this is crossposted in fma_cracks and fma_yaoi.

/ Vincent
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